Geotechnical Engineering

Our Henderson, Nevada office has experienced professional geotechnical staff who have 20 years of geotechnical engineering experience conducting soil and rock mechanics. Our staff background covers a wide variety of experience from conducting geotechnical investigations for large and small geotechnical projects, as well as, the analysis of adverse soil conditions, slope stabilization, shallow and deep foundation systems, and geotechnical instrumentation of slopes and rock anchor systems.

Geotechnical Engineering Services include:

• Preliminary Site Evaluations/Feasibility Surveys
• Foundation Analyses and Design Recommendations
• Earthwork Structures, Slopes and Retention Systems
• Geotechnical/Geologic Hazard Analyses
• Seismic Risk Assessments
• Pavement and Slab Evaluations
• Laboratory Testing and Analyses
• Forensic Engineering/Litigation support

Material Testing and Special Inspections

Many local jurisdictions require special inspection services to be performed by a special inspection agency. Black Mountain Geotech is an approved special inspection agency in Clark County, the City of North Las Vegas, Boulder City, and the City of Henderson. Our inspectors are certified by ICC, AWS, NAQTC, ACI, and NICET. Black Mountain Geotech employs experienced inspectors who operate with qualified project managers. A Nevada Professional Engineer is also involved from the beginning of the project through final report preparation.

Materials Engineering, Testing and Inspection Services include:

• Laboratory Testing
• Grading Observation and Testing
• Foundation Inspection
• Concrete, Masonry, and Steel Special Inspections
• Asphaltic/Concrete Pavement observation and Testing
• Residential Epoxy Anchorage Inspections
• QAA Reports

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